Outdoor Therapy

Let nature help you

Outdoor therapy allows the client and therapist to engage in talk-therapy whilst utilising the outdoors, and physical movement to find coping strategies whilst engaging in mild exercise and a connection to nature.

Indoor client work can also be moved outdoors on occasion when it feels appropriate for phobia work or to revisit the scene of a traumatic event, or purely for the outdoor experience. It can advance the therapeutic process with the benefit of nature and outdoor processing, with exercise benefits, shifting ‘stuckness’.

Clients describe feeling invigorated after outdoor therapy and they enjoy the informality of the outdoors, finding it less formal and intimidating and reported reduced stress, anger, depression and anxiety, allowing greater insight, deeper thought, better sleep patterns, mood and self-esteem. Some prefer the outdoors to traditional face to face therapy as there is less eye contact, easing tension, making expression of painful emotions easier.

Walking outdoors has been proven to be calming as well as a stimulus to new thoughts and ideas. The physical rhythm of walking brings energy and clarity of thoughts. The action of pushing forwards can feel like pushing forward in your personal life and releasing endorphins enables a helpful ‘feel good’ factor and an overall sense of improved well-being. 

How it Works

I am fully insured and trained to offer Outdoor therapy and have several risk assessed walks in the local area. We would discuss any mobility issues beforehand.