Children and Young People Therapy

Children and young people can struggle with many issues including Depression, Esteem issues, Gender and Sexuality, Bullying, Anxiety, Abuse, Family issues, Friendships, Divorce, Bereavement and Loss and Exam related stress which can prove extremely distressing for both the individual and their parents and carers to observe. I offer a confidential, supportive space for young people to explore their issues safely, working creatively with the use of play in an integrative way to support young people to verbalise their worries.

I use creative play for younger children experiencing chronic, mild and moderate psychological conditions, which can cause behavioural problems and prevent them from realising their potential.  The sessions allow the child to communicate his or her feelings and help them to understand their emotions and how they express them. I work intuitively using a wide range of play and creative art techniques responding to the child’s wishes when safe to do so.  This approach is particularly effective with children who cannot, or do not want to talk about their problems. Sessions are usually held in my therapy room but can be in the child’s home or school. Therapy doesn’t always have to involve working indoors, I offer outdoor therapy which is a less formal setting proven to be beneficial for improved self-awareness, focus, self-esteem, confidence and social skills, which enables improved relationships. Ideal for those young people struggling with the formality of a more traditional Counselling setting.

I have over twenty five year’s experience working with young people in Schools, Colleges, Universities and community settings through a diverse range of roles.

I have the necessary training and insurance to work outdoors with children and young people and enhanced DBS status.